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4.9 101 reviews

  • Avatar Gabrielle Okpala ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I had a screen replacement for my MacBook Pro and I was so happy to collect and see that it worked so well. The screen looks fantastic. I highly recommend to come here to get any of your devices fixed. I waited a couple of days to see how the laptop functions and honestly I'm impressed. Thank you very much for your support and your kindness.
  • Avatar Matt Cotterill ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Incredible service. My Macbook had the Flexgate issue which Kevin was able to fix within 24 hours. Due to a previous screen replacement (done by another company) that involved some dodgy soldering, there were some cosmetic screen defects which Kevin pointed out to me, and he kindly reduced the price of the job quite considerably, because of the other company's mess up, as he wasn't able to complete the job to the standards he expects of himself. Definitely someone you can trust to do a great job and charge you fairly for it.
  • Avatar Roger Davis ★★★★★ a month ago
    I had the good fortune to come across Kevin from we fix macs in my search for a used mac mini for my studio projects, although I purchased it in May I have only just had time to plug in and check it out, and I am pleased to say that on Kevin's advice on specs I made the right choice, it does everything I asked for with ease. A great professional service, Kevin answered all my texts and calls promptly, all my queries were resolved and he was very polite and patient while doing so, I recommend We fix macs to anyone reading this post, good prices, great service, Kevin is the man, You won't be disappointed.

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MacBook Repair

Here at We Fix Macs we repair all models of MacBooks while also offering a professional and fast service. All work undertaken and no job too big. All our repairs are carried out instore and come with a 90 day warranty as standard.

iMac Repair

Whether we are professionals or using an iMac for home use, we all rely on our machines to help us in our day-to-day admin or entertainment needs, this failing can be a huge disruption, here at We Fix Macs we strive for excellence at every turn.

iPhone Repair

In a growing economy of smart phones and devices we at We Fix Macs understand how important it can be to get a mobile device back up and running as new. Phones are now so important that being broken for 24 hours is sometimes too long.

iPad Repair

Large handheld devices are becoming more and more common both at home and in the workplace but are prone to more damage/drops compared to your computer or laptop, which would normally remain stationary.

Motherboard Repair

We offer board repair in all circumstances after a free diagnosis, to ensure all customers are treated fairly and in turn pay nothing up front, and also receive with 90 day warranty.

Water Damage

Liquid damage repairs are our specialty but also something needed once a device receives and accidental splash of tea or most commonly splashed water. Retrieving data is imperative and will always be our #1 focus.

Data Recovery

In the event of your logic board being in an unrepairable state, we can offer an alternative data recovery option. Promising to bring the machine to a point of being able to remove most, if not all important data.

System Upgrades

We Fix Macs also offer a wide range of upgrades for all manner of apple devices and computers. Solid state drives (SSD) upgrades and ram upgrades to boost your Mac / Macbook / iMacs performance up to 6x.